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Trackpants, Yes or No

Trackpants, Fashion Statement or Full Stop...

So guys, they can be the most precious item in your wardrobe, trackies, sweat pants, tracky dacks, sweats or track suit pants.
Call them what you will no self respecting man about town would be seen dead without a few pairs of the beloved track pants.


 But the question has to be asked, where does comfortable function end and fashion begin? First we have to examine the different
styles and stages of track pants.

All start out new, this is a given, but like fast food, not all hot dogs are created equal and even new doesn't mean anything. So, let's look at options
available to the discerning tracky dack buyer.
1. The first consideration is elastic or no elastic around the cuffs, putting it simply, If you ever expect someone of the opposite sex (or same sex should that be the case) to look at you in a way other than pity and "where did I put that 40 foot pole" DON'T.

2. Does brand matter? Of course you would never ever see a self respecting Drug Courier, Drive By Shooter, Colourful Racing Identity or Fully Sick Street Racer in generic trackies.

3. Who does wear generic trackies? These words should give it away "2 to life" that's right prisoners.

4. What colour should I wear, really, see above and ask that question again. Are we on the same page? Good.

5. What about the "Track Suit" how do I work that ensemble? Unless you are a sports person who gets paid to wear it or an Ex Australian Prime Minister, FORGET IT.

However, there are always exceptions to the rule and when is it acceptable to slip on the tracky dacks? When you are painting, the mother in law is visiting, you think the mother in law may visit or any time you will not answer the door.

I hope this has been of some help, please stay tuned for more fashion advice for the modern man. Now, I think I will slip into something more casual.


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