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Boys don't cry, real men show their emotions, harden up, don't be afraid to say how you feel!

With so much conflicting advice or thoughts it's no wonder the modern male has no idea where he or his emotions fit in the modern world...

Fishy  Fishy !!!

Have you often wondered whether the whole notion of taking fish oil is all it’s cracked up to be… or whether it’s as bad as a terrible pun, that mentions diving head first into a sea full of mating salmon? Or is it simply too fishy to be true?

Trackpants, Fashion Statement or Full Stop...

So guys, they can be the most precious item in your wardrobe, trackies, sweat pants, tracky dacks, sweats or track suit pants.
Call them what you will no self respecting man about town would be seen dead without a few pairs of the beloved track pants.

We may well ask "What makes a better Dad"

Here's 10 simple steps to making the most of your time with your kids and building a strong future relationship.

The 10 Minute workout, Fact or Fail?

 In our time-strapped culture, instant gratification is the holy grail, which is why the promise of an effective 10-minute workout inspires hope in so many exercisers. It sounds too good to be true, so is it?

Men stress about work, women stress about everything else.

While personal matters such as family problems and living situations might cause the most stress for women,
new research shows it's on-the-job issues that cause men the most anxiety.


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